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Nov 2020
Hyndburn Business Awards 2020
The Hyndburn Business Awards were held online last night. While there were no trophies for the pharmacy this year, our pharmacist was awarded top place for Enterprising Male for his work in the pharmacy, especially during the Covid pandemic. This award is great – but wouldn’t be possible without support. Andrew would like to thank his family and the pharmacy team for all they do in looking after customers, promoting our pharmacy and keeping the place running. We would also like to congratulate all the local businesses who won and were nominated. #smallbusiness
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Sep 2020
Flu Vaccination
It’s the time of year for the big healthcare push on flu vaccines. For those at risk of complications from flu infection, it is important to get your jab yearly, as the virus can mutate and different strains are used each year to try to maximise immunity in the population. It is especially important this year as we are likely to also have Covid-19 Coronavirus circulating as well as seasonal flu – if a huge flu endemic hits, the NHS would really struggle to cope with those ill from flu as well as Covid. Sadly, this would undoubtedly lead to avoidable deaths in the vulnerable population of society. The NHS recommends flu vaccination for a range of people to try and protect them. Vaccination is recommended for anyone over 65 years old and those with an underlying health problem that puts them
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Jun 2020
It’s our pharmacy’s 4th birthday on 20th June – it really doesn’t seem that long ago since we first opened our doors to customers. We have come a long way since 2016; increasing our team from 3 to 6, taking on a Care Home contract, compounding our own hand lotions & sanitiser – and of course working through a global pandemic! The whole team would like to thank our wonderful customers both old and new for your ongoing support. As a small business, everyone who uses us for prescriptions, private clinic consultations, vaccinations and so on is making a massive difference to a truly independent pharmacy. Thank you!
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Mar 2020
Private clinic update
In line with government & NHS guidance please do not attend the pharmacy prescribing clinic for symptoms of colds, flu, chest infections, cough or breathing problems. You can call us for symptom advice or if you are getting progressively worse or are worried please contact NHS111. Thank you.
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Mar 2020
Hyndburn Business Awards 2020
We are proud to announce that we are sponsoring the upcoming Hyndburn Business Awards. After we have gained awards the last two years, we thought it would be good to help promote the Business Awards this year. Across the country we bemoan the loss of the typical High Street and Hyndburn is no exception to this. So this is an opportunity to showcase the wonderful local businesses that are still here supporting the community. Nominations for awards open next week and we would be very happy if we got put forward by our amazing customers once again. There’ll be regular updates on our social media platforms to promote the event and keep our followers in touch with what is happening.
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Mar 2020
Emerade adrenaline auto-injectors 150microgram
Does your child use Emerade 150mcg adrenaline pen for anaphylaxis treatment, peanut allergies, food allergies and so on? The manufacturer is recalling this strength of product over worries that the pen may not activate when needed. Please contact your pharmacy for further advice. Do not throw away the pens before you have a replacement, as it is better to have an injection that might work than to not have one at all. Other strengths of this product also have some worries, but are not being recalled at this time, but please contact your pharmacy if you have any concerns.
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Mar 2020
News - NHS prescription charges in England to rise (again) April 2020
The Government has announced an increase to the NHS prescription charge of 15 pence, to £9.15 per prescription item. This change will come into effect from 1st April 2020. The cost of prescription pre-payment certificates (PPCs) has also increased, with the price of a three-month PPC at £29.65 (an increase of 55 pence) and a 12-month PPC at £105.90 (an increase of £1.90). PPCs offer savings for those needing four or more items in three months, or 12 or more items in a year. It is important to remember this is NOT a payment to the pharmacy, this is a tax levied by the UK government to contribute towards the NHS. If you have any questions or concerns please speak to our pharmacy team.
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Feb 2020
Corvid-19 Coronavirus
You can't open a newspaper, turn on a television or look online at the moment without seeing mention of "The Corona Virus ". But what is it and what is the current NHS guidance for UK residents? Lets take a look ...
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Feb 2020
Diabetes test strips
Do you live in East Lancashire? If you're diabetic and use the Contour Next blood testing system, your GP is likely to be changing you over to the Contour Plus machine. If you find your next prescription has Contour Plus test strips on it but you haven't been given a new Contour Plus machine, you will need to contact your GP surgery to arrange to be given one. The new strips won't work in the old machine. Contour Plus gives a longer window to add extra blood to the test strip before the test is wasted. If you have any queries, your GP or pharmacy will be able to help.
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Jan 2020
Happy New Year 2020
We would like to wish all our customers, visitors and their loved ones a very happy New Year and hope it brings nothing but health and happiness. Thank you to all our customers who kindly sent us gifts and cards over the Christmas period; it is very kind and we all really appreciate it. After the indulgences of Christma ...
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Dec 2019
Happy Christmas 2019
We hope everyone is having a lovely run-up to Christmas and would like to thank all our customers who have supported us over 2019. Every prescription dispensed, flu jab jabbed, review and recommendation given makes us really happy! We're also at that point in the year where GP surgeries and...
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Jul 2019
Summer's here!
It's been a great few weeks here at Wyvern Pharmacy. Shortly after our commendation at the local business awards we celebrated our third birthday. Seems like only a few weeks since we opened our doors for the first time, but since then we've thrived and grown, not least due to the efforts...
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Jun 2019
Business Awards
Our team attended our local Hyndburn Business Awards last night and were delighted to be up on stage receiving an award. The judges decided to award us with "highly commended" in the Independent Retailer category. For this we had to show how our business, team & customer service had grown...
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Jun 2019
Spring update
It's been a busy time at Wyvern Pharmacy and we're really grateful to all our nominated customers for helping to grow our independent business. So it would be a great time to start sending our surveys out for feedback! All pharmacies have to do this each year as part of our NHS terms, but it...
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Mar 2019
Hyndburn Business Awards 2019
We are delighted to say we have been nominated for our local business awards for outstanding customer service! A business has to be put forward by customers to be in with a chance of winning this award, so we are really grateful to whichever of our lovely customers have taken the time to...
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Jan 2019
The team at Wyvern Pharmacy would like to wish all our customers a very happy New Year - we hope 2019 brings all you ask of it. Our year has hit the ground running, just the way 2018 finished! We can happily say we are adding more customers each week, both locally and across England, as...
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Sep 2018
A lovely gift
We thought we'd share this lovely surprise given to us by a new customer after we'd helped source a hard to find item for her son's prescription. It's great to know we've helped someone (and we really appreciate chocolates!). If you are affected by the current issues with obtaining EpiPen...
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Jul 2018
School's out!
The schools have finished and while teaching staff may be rejoicing, we still need to bear in mind healthcare during the holidays. Children with asthma often find their symptoms becoming a problem over the summer break - partly due to more running around and also high pollen counts, but also...
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Jul 2018
Summer's here!
The better weather has started! Finally the freeze seems to be over and with it has come lots of interesting work and news! We are delighted to announce that we have been shortlisted as a finalist in this year's Hyndburn Business Awards. We've not quite been open two years, so this is a...
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Feb 2018
Travel planning
It's now the time of year when our thoughts turn to summer and the holiday season. Many people each year travel abroad from the UK and unfortunately some of them become ill while away. Occasionally the illness can be something serious, but could have been prevented with the right advice...
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